POST DOC – Stem cell and iPSC Job (Beerse, BE)

POST DOC – Stem cell and iPSC(Job Number: 00000FC2)


The Neuroscience Drug Discovery group of Janssen Research and Development, Beerse, Belgium,is looking for a POST DOC– Stem cell and iPSC,

in close collaboration with Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) precompetitive consortia.

We are looking for a post-doctoral scientist to perform stem cell- and iPSC-related research. We have access to iPSCs derived from patients and animal models and currently extend our capabilities in this area. Focus will be on Autism-Spectrum Disorders and Alzheimer’s disease. The successful candidate will participate in the further differentiation and characterization of those patient and animal model-derived cells and also be involved in the set-up of high content screening assays to identify molecules reverting disease-related phenotypes. Tasks include the generation of iPSC lines from patient fibroblasts/keratinocytes, the setup of robust and reproducible differentiation protocols, the characterization of differentiated neuronal cultures by means of electrophysiology, immunofluorescence-based imaging, and other techniques to confirm the functionality and connectivity of the neurons, and the identification of disease-specific phenotypes to allow for a screening approach. The successful candidate should have experience in iPSC-related work and in neuroscience.


We are looking for enthusiastic scientists with a keen interest in research into neurodegeneration and cognition, most specifically in Alzheimer’s disease and Autism Spectrum Disorders. A strong drive to add new insights to these fascinating but challenging fields of research as well as a wish to (team)work in an international, multidisciplinary research environment with state-of-the-art capabilities are key prerequisites. A minimum of a PhD with experience in relevant areas of neuroscience is required. The candidates should have a track record of scientific publications in international , peer reviewed journals and experience with relevant technologies, experimental design and statistical data analysis.

It is further expected that the candidates will develop effective relationships with other (industrial and academic) partners of the IMI consortia to further develop those tasks and models, will demonstrate high level of scientific credibility and develop an expertise in the area of research, will serve as a point of contact, participate in regular conferences arranged by those partners, and – at the level appropriate to the grade of seniority – will also represent Janssen on these consortia.

Primary Location:Europe/Middle East/Africa-Belgium-Antwerp-Beerse
Organization: Janssen Pharmaceutica Inc. (7035)

Job: R&D

Bron: POST DOC – Stem cell and iPSC Job (Beerse, BE)